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itemprop="headline" content="Chesnuts cake #food steller #stelleritalia" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1183042417268360712.1"
itemprop="description" content="November is usually the time when fresh chestnut flour is found in all shops. That's what you get from the harvest between September and October. Here I am with you the names of chestnuts served on the surface of the meringues crumbled in place of the classic pinolo and sprig of rosemary compared to the traditional Tuscan recipe. In the dough I put only the pine nuts. You can also add nuts." data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1183042417268360712.2"
itemprop="headline" content="UGMK-FENER 71-73" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1182931828252607972.1"
itemprop="description" content='"It is a THOUGH LOSE" OLAF LANGE UMMC head coach Fenerbahche guard Anna Dabovich: - I am happy and proud of what we did today.' data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1182931828252607972.2"
itemprop="headline" content="The Bow Corner Chute by Wijk Photography" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1181393374641391347.1"
itemprop="description" content="On a cloudy Friday morning we head out to the Bow Summit area in Banff National Park. While judging snow conditions on our way up, we decide to set our mind on the Bow Corner Chute. The start of the Bow Corner Chute can be seen in the top right of the image." data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1181393374641391347.2"
itemprop="headline" content="Home Autumn gold" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1182669987618227578.1"
itemprop="description" content="Autumns golden beauty I&B" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1182669987618227578.2"
itemprop="headline" content="First ⭐️European to outscore ⭐️all NHL Players except The Great one Wayne ⭐️Gretzky Michigan 24" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1182574006792881479.1"
itemprop="description" content="JAGR played for many NHL Franchises 1st goal with each team Pittsburgh Rangers" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1182574006792881479.2"
itemprop="headline" content="Anna Ruby Falls Helen, GA" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1182571376796501317.1"
itemprop="description" content="Saturday November 18th, 2017 by Wren Brock “Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.” Henry David Thoreau, Walden The desire to capture each moment... ...paired with the need for reflection." data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1182571376796501317.2"
itemprop="headline" content="A THOUSAND GATES Story of the Photo" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1182486399677367564.1"
itemprop="description" content="The vermilion torii gates of the Fushimi Inari shrine have bedazzled visitors for decades. Head to the shrine at night for smaller crowds and illuminated, enchanting, yet slightly scary walkways. That's what I did, anyways. The density and symmetry of the famed "thousand gates" section of the shrine create a playground for photographers." data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1182486399677367564.2"
itemprop="headline" content="Mount prau skys mount star moon sun Dieng" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1182668218544686457.1"
itemprop="description" content="The death tree stand up stronger althought the wind blowing him powerfull Dieng Five mount Dieng Thousand of years they stood Nobody heard them complain Some people say they a death sand But not. They live like us and only gods understand But not about that. But about us there is nothing on the ground of clumping" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1182668218544686457.2"
itemprop="headline" content="Walt Disney concert hall Los Angeles" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1182190863279719543.1"
itemprop="description" content="Designed by architect Frank Gehry, Walt Disney Concert Hall (WDCH) is an internationally recognized architectural landmark and one of the most acoustically sophisticated concert halls in the world. From the stainless steel curves of its striking exterior to the state-of-the-art acoustics of the hardwood-paneled main auditorium, the 3.6-acre complex embodies the unique energy and creative spirit of the city of Los Angeles and its orchestra. (laphil.com)" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1182190863279719543.2"
itemprop="headline" content="Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1182401606344246505.1"
itemprop="description" content="Spontaneity can lead to beautiful things, especially when it comes to travel. This idea proved itself to be true once again when my mom and I visited Puerto Rico and discovered the beautiful region of Cabo Rojo. After our original plans fell through, my mom and I opened up a map of Puerto Rico and circled all the names and places that sounded interesting. The following morning, we picked up a rental car and started our drive westward across the small island – away from the crowds, away from the comfort of English, away from the carefully laid out plans." data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1182401606344246505.2"
itemprop="headline" content="Meet the Mountain Gorillas Le Big Trip" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1182435522660795632.1"
itemprop="description" content="With less than 900 mountain gorillas left in the wild, the species is critically endangered. About 300 currently live in the Volcanoes National Park located in Rwanda’s North-West corner. Have you ever wondered what it is like to meet Mountain Gorillas? Your day starts at 7am when you check-in at the park headquarters. Local dancers, colourfully dressed, perform a traditional dance of heroes. Aren't those Intore dancers beautiful?" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1182435522660795632.2"
itemprop="headline" content="Nominees for ‘Best Actor in a Leading Role’" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1182363077769692380.1"
itemprop="description" content="Ko Shu Yuan is a taiwanese actor who has starred in 9 television series and 3 movies. The show ‘Far and Away’ is set during the rapid growth of Taiwan in the 1970s and is about the female labourers during that time. Tsai Chen-Nan has won 3 awards and has been nominated for 3 other awards in the past. The show ‘She’s Family’ is a 2 episode mini-drama about what happens when a father remarries while having older children." data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1182363077769692380.2"
itemprop="headline" content="ROMA ART Ray Ilham Collection" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1181188292217931426.1"
itemprop="description" content="The first in a new weekly series from AS Roma on Steller - showcasing 10 great graphic designs from individual artists. First up, Rey Ilham Follow Rey Ilham on social media Instagram: @thekidman_ Twitter: @rey_the_kidman" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1181188292217931426.2"
itemprop="headline" content="Machay Waterfalls Hike Baños, Ecuador" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1182030477423281193.1"
itemprop="description" content="Getting to the waterfall is very easy. The drive from the Terminal Station of Baños to Machay takes about 30-40 Minutes (take the bus getting to puyo) Once you get to Machay, cross the bridge and take road on the left side that shows Machay and start walking uphill!" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1182030477423281193.2"
itemprop="headline" content="Comme des Garcons By Mads Bonde #nielsbrock" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1182004592435528732.1"
itemprop="description" content="Comme des Garcons is a japanese fashion Brand. Comme des Garcons is French and means "like The boys", which alludes to the founders vision of women's clothes being as comfortable and accessible like the boys cloth. Rei Kawakubo is The founder and owner of Comme des Garcons" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1182004592435528732.2"
itemprop="headline" content="COFFEE LEGEND Legenda Kopi Pontianak" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1182085994715808829.1"
itemprop="description" content='"Kalau pake baju, itu artinya lagi gak buka warung kopi” Thio Tiam Siang (61) yang lebih masyhur dikenal dengan nama Asiang, pemilik kedai kopi dengan nama yang sama di jalan Merapi, Pontianak. Dengan badan berpeluh keringat, kedua tangan Asiang seakan tak pernah berhenti dalam  melakukan atraksi teatrikal dengan mengangkat tinggi-tinggi teko yang isinya kopi saring ke dalam cangkir.' data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1182085994715808829.2"
itemprop="headline" content="By: Gwyneth Olsen #nielsbrock MacBook Air" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1181998404696278043.1"
itemprop="description" content="A girl is in need of a new computer for school. She wants the MacBook Air like the rest of her peers She has the money to afford it Intrinsic value: a user-friendly device, easy system, portable and light Extrinsic value: a certain status among peers Consumer satisfaction: easy system to learn. A strong tool for studying" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1181998404696278043.2"
itemprop="headline" content="ROMA 2 LAZIO 1 ‘The City is Ours’" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1181949835285103618.1"
itemprop="description" content="On 18 November, Roma hosted Lazio in the first Derby della Capitale of the 2017-18 season. Re-live a memorable day for the Giallorossi.. Before the game, both sets of fans paid tribute to Lazio fan Gabriele Sandri, who was killed 10 years ago while travelling to support his team." data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1181949835285103618.2"
itemprop="headline" content="ROMA 2 LAZIO 1 L’URBE SIAMO NOI" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1181926094090012661.1"
itemprop="description" content="Sabato 18 novembre, all’Olimpico è andato in scena il Derby Roma-Lazio... Prima della partita, lo stadio intero ha reso omaggio a Gabriele Sandri, tifoso della Lazio scomparso 10 anni fa. Lo spettacolo della Curva Sud 💛❤️ Nel primo tempo la partita non si sblocca..." data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1181926094090012661.2"
itemprop="headline" content="Michigan 24" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1181888077044385757.1"
itemprop="description" content="Tied Philadelphia Phillies for eastern division one game playoff. htt????/goo.gl/search/Philadelphia+Phillies&hl=en Philadelphia Phillies, Baseball team" data-reactid=".1e4uey5gfls.1:$home-main.1.0.$1181888077044385757.2"

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